Liliane Lijn

I work in a broad range of materials and media, making extensive use of new technologies to create works that view the world as energy. A constant dialogue between opposites, my sculptures use light and motion to transform themselves from solid to void, opaque to transparent, formal to organic.

My practice takes inspiration from science, oriental and western philosophies and the archetypal images of mythology. My work with text, since the 1960ís in unique objects, live performance and books, explores how language acts as a mirror of our society. I am particularly interested in the interaction between light and matter. In my recent work, I use video as memory encapsulated in light.

I have also worked in an architectural context, with sculptures commissioned and sited in the Laboratory of the Government Chemist in Teddington, Central Milton Keynes, Birchwood Science Park in Warrington, University of Warwick and East Anglia and recently for St Mary's Hospital on the Isle of Wight, St Thomas' Hospital and the Evelina Hospital for Children in London.

Poor. Old. Tired. Horse.

Group exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

17 June - 23 August 2009

Power Game

Originally staged by Liliane Lijn in 1974 and renacted at the ICA on 28th July 2009, Power Game is concerned with the power of words and how people interpret meaning depending on their interests and preconceptions.

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Solar Hills

Solar Hills are large-scale solar installations in the landscape that define the horizon with light. With Solar Hills, we are creating a new awareness of the beauty and poetry of our star. We use sunlight to draw peopleís attention to the horizon, the flowing line of meeting between heaven and earth.

The concept and development of Solar Hills is the outcome of my residency at the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley and a collaboration between myself and astronomer John Vallerga. The project has been developed with the aid of partnership funding from Arts Council England and the Gulbenkian Foundation.

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Interactive Artwork

The image you see tracks the real moon's phase and updates every 26 hours and 13 minutes.

A word is projected onto the surface of the moon. The meaning of this word is gradually transformed over the 29.5 day lunation period by the relative motions of Moon, Earth and Sun.

This project is an homage to the feminine principal of transformation and renewal which for millennia was held sacred in the form of the full moon and its recurring monthly cycle.

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