Liliane Lijn

Early Events: Five Narrative Sculptures

Published on the occasion of the exhibition

Liliane Lijn – Early Events: Five Narrative Sculptures

Curated by Gabriella Daris
Organised by Summerhall

Summerhall, Edinburgh
2nd August – 24th September 2017

Director: Robert McDowell
Exhibition Co-ordinator: Kasia Jackowska
Head of Install: Thomas Anderson

Essay: Gabriella Daris
Photography: Stephen Weiss, Courtesy of Liliane Lijn
Catalogue design: ROOM 8 Design
Printed by: Level 10 Print Management

Published by Summerhall, 2017

1 Summerhall
Edinburgh EH9 1PL

First edition 2017
Edition of 500
Catalogue © 2017 Summerhall
Images © Liliane Lijn
Text © Gabriella Daris

A CIP catalogue record of this publication is available from the British Library.

ISBN 978-1-9998109-0-0

Cover image: Lavender Queen, 2000