Six Throws Of The Oracular Keys


21 x 29.7 cm

White Bristol covered with acetate.

Produced with a photocopier.

Collection Unfinitude curated by Angeline Neveu, edition de la Nepe, Paris.

Unfinitude is a collection where text and image interrelate and office materials are put to the service of writing.

Keys is a deck of 54 cards which Lijn invented in 1970. Each card has one word to a side, the words themselves having come to mind as Lijn wrote them on the cards.

With the Keys Lijn found she could play 3 different games: a game of power, a game of dreams, and a game of divination which she called The Oracular Keys. Playing The Oracular Keys was like receiving answers to unasked questions. Its prognosis was often deadly accurate.

Six Throws of the Oracular Keys is a book of poems written in the summer of 1974. Each poem was written by a random dealing of these cards.