The Book of the WORD

Curated by Michael Petry

Helsinki Contemporary, Finland

9 June – 2 July 2017

This summer Liliane Lijn is presenting Revealing, 2001 and Am I Who, 2010, two of her more recent Poemcons, as part of the group show The Book of the WORD at Helsinki Contemporary. Lijn’s Poemcons use cone sculptures as vehicles for text, the movement causing the words to float into the viewers’ minds in continually changing sequences.

Lijn’s first show in Helsinki since 1969, The Book of the WORD is curated by MOCA London’s Director Michael Petry. The group exhibition looks at text as a form of art, asking how is it different from poetry. Can the poetic be visual art or is it merely a catchphrase? Can the artworks in the exhibition extend further from mere clickbating or copywriting?

The exhibition is based on a namesake book, to be published in 2018 by Thames & Hudson.

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