On Sunday 27th December 2020 Resonance 104.4 FM hosted a special 12-hour session of the regular show of the radio’s BAD PUNK programme. An ongoing sound collage from noon of poetry, thoughts, drama, reading performance, interviews, songs, cut-ups, mashups, abstract field recordings and random noise interventions.

The last session of this end of the year show hosted by artist and writer Jo Joelson with the title Thinking Through Light features artists Liliane Lijn, Rana Begum, Isha Bohling, Jane Watt, Ruth Maclennan and Robin Bell – reflecting on art, and light with music to take us into 2021.

In case you haven’t tuned in already, you can listen to the Joe Joelson Thinking Through Light session  here. Liliane Lijn’s contribution starts from 00:30 in until 00: 36.

Resonance 104.4 FM is a London based non-profit community radio station specialising in the arts run by the London Musicians’ Collective