Liliane Lijn’s works will be exhibited as part of the group shows signals 1964-1966 at SOTHEBY’S S|2 and Signals: If You Like I Shall Grow: kurimanzutto at Thomas Dane Gallery.

A new book is published on the occasion of the Sotheby’s exhibition including previously unpublished photographs from the archive of Signals photographer and artist Clay Perry, as well as interviews with Signals founder David Medalla, and artists Liliane Lijn and Carlos Cruz-Diez.

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Liliane Lijn

Liliane Lijn’s work covers a large spectrum of interests, from Light and its interaction with diverse new materials to the development of a fresh image for the feminine. Lijn has taken inspiration from incidental details both man-made and natural, mythology and poetry, science and technology. Lijn is interested in the development of language, collaborating across disciplines and making art that is interactive, in which the viewer can actively participate.