Selected Publications


Library of Light, Jo Joelson, published by Lund Humphries


Liquid Crystal Display, group catalogue, Site Gallery, Sheffield

The WORD Is Art, edited by Michael Petry, published by Thames & Hudson

signals, exhibition catalogue, Sotheby’s S|2, London

Actie <-> Reactie, exhibition catalogue, Kunsthal Rotterdam

Accepting the Machine: A Response by Liliane Lijn to Three Questions from Arts, published by Arts Journal


Art as Research: An Interview with Liliane Lijn by Barry Miles, Liliane Lijn and Barry Miles, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews: The Experimental Generation, Vol 42, No 1-2, March – June 2017, Eds. Bronac Ferran and Elizabeth Fisher, Routledge

Liliane Lijn – Early Events: Five Narrative Sculptures, exhibition catalogue, Summerhall, Edinburgh

Liliane Lijn – Early Events: Five Narrative Sculptures, Summerhall Festival Programme 2017, Summerhall, Edinburgh

From Seurat to Riley: The Art of Perception, exhibition catalogue, Compton Verney Art gallery and park, Warwickshire

«Contact»: Pop cinétisme, science-fiction et communication interplanétaire, by Arnauld Pierre, Le Cahiers du Musée national d’art modern, Printemps 2017, 139, Centre Pompidou, Paris

As Above, So Below: Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics, exhibition catalogue, IMMA Dublin

Liliane Lijn: Poemdrums and Koans, exhibition catalogue / pamphlet, Canary Wharf Group

Sculpture in the Sixties, exhibition catalogue, Pangolin London


Woman of War, cover feature by Anna McNay, STATE Magazine Issue 23, Nov 2016 – Jan 2017

Beat Generation, exhibition catalogue, Alain Michaud (ed), Centre Pompidou, Paris

Liliane Lijn: Influences, frieze: A to Z of Contemporary Art. Selected by Amanda Sharp & Matthew Slotover with frieze Co-editors Dan Fox, Jörg Heiser and Jennifer Higgie, Phaidon Press

City Sculpture Projects 1972, Henry Moore Institute, Essays on Sculpture 76, November 2016, Lisa Le Feuvre (ed.), Henry Moore Foundation, Leeds


Liliane Lijn: Early Work 1961-69, exhibition catalogue, RCM Galerie, Paris


Hexagram 21 – Shih Ho – biting through, Liliane Lijn, text included in Underexposed Catalogue, University of Kent

Image to Word, Frieze Magazine issue 164, specially commissioned Artist’s project

Light Fantastic: The Work of Liliane Lijn, Cassone, June issue

Contemplating Inner and Outer Space, Interalia Magazine, issue 7 

In Between Matter and Energy, Poised At The Edge, Interalia Magazine, issue 4


Earth Body Art, Liliane Lijn, exhibition catalogue, published by Commune of Umbertide, Italy


Teaching as a Design Science, Diana Laurillad, Routledge, London, 2012 (book cover)

Cosmic Dramas, exhibition catalogue, mima, Middlesbrough


The Art of Not Making, The New Artist/Artisan Relationship, Michael Petry, Thames & Hudson


Liliane Lijn ‘Stardust’, Riflemaker book

Centrifugal, Edited by Michael Petry, MOCA, London, in conjunction with Royal Academy Schools Gallery, London

Stardust, Riflemaker and Liliane Lijn, London (with essay by Liliane Lijn)


Liliane Lijn: Selected Works 1959 – 2005, Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London

Liliane Lijn Selected Works 1959 – 1980, England & Co.


Liliane Lijn: Works 1959 – 1980, David Mellor, Mead Gallery, University of Warwick


Liliane Lijn: Light and Memory, Thames & Hudson Ltd.