Aluminium Koancuts


20 x 12.5 cm

Solid Machined aluminium

Edition of 9 published by Fischer Fine Art.

A solid cone cut into elliptical sections. Each section pivots around the next one so that the whole cone is articulated on elliptical lines. This is particularly interesting because the formal geometrical shape metamorphoses into a very sensual organic succession of shapes.

The English Critic Alastair MacKintosh called it “The Zen method”. He said about the Koancuts, in Art & Artists, “ A solid aluminium cone is presented, but at the touch of a hand its shape alters and its seemingly solid volume is lost.  And just as Japanese Zen is the most elegant form of Eastern thought, so are these works the most elegant of Liliane Lijn’s work.  The problem and the solution to the problem are presented in a self-contained form that needs no further explanation.”

Koancuts are interactive sculptures. They invite the public to play with them and react with unexpected transformation.