Linear Light Column


4 Linear Light Columns:

Enamelled copper wire wound on perforated metal cylinder, mounted on motorised turntable, chrome steel base 187.50 cm h x 30 cm base diameter

Copper wound perspex. 73.66 x 15.24 cm diameter

Crimson wound perspex. 91.44 x 15.24 cm diameter

Copper wound perforated metal. 243.84 x 30.48 cm diameter

Collection of the Artist.

Linear Light Columns are the first works in Lijn’s Cylinders series. In them she uses reflected light to see form unfold in a four dimensional code. In this series of work Lijn was interested in the way a reflected line of light describes the altered surface of the cylinder. It speaks with a serpentine, sibylline voice, sensual but also cerebral, since it gives precise information about any changes made to the surface of the cylinder.