28 March 2021 at Ragged School Museum

The Ragged School Museum is a museum in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The museum was opened in 1990 in the premises of the former Dr Barnardo’s Copperfield Road Ragged School. The school opened in 1877 to serve the children of Mile End with a basic education.

“From her studio in the North London, Liliane Lijn, by some remote means, calls out numbers to Yong Min. The numbers spiral around a conical, light sculpture that will revolve in front of her. She selects numbers at random. It is for Yong Min to choose how to transmit them. Another sculpture by Liliane Lijn is made of colourful, light-weight plastic shopping bags in the form of a dress. Yong-Min Cho had once performed with ’Bagdress’ on a table in Liliane’s work room. It now lies in waiting, on a workbench in the Museum’s art room.”

Text by Jenni Lomax, March 2021

Watch a clip from Yong Min Cho’s performance in Liliane Lijn’s Flowering Bagdress here.

Film by Lily Grimes

Photos: Colm Moore

Courtesy of Liliane Lijn and Yong Min Cho