Converse Column, 2019

Nexus, Leeds University has commissioned the permanent installation Converse Column.

A nine-meter high revolving column of transforming words, Converse Column is sited adjacent to Nexus, the University’s new centre, designed to inspire collaboration and innovation with real world impact. The large scale sculpture sculpture references Lijn’s iconic early 1960’s Poem Machines and, more recently, Poemdrums that spin and disengage words from the composed text.

‘Syntax is all about the position of words and their relation to each other. However, by considering the words divorced from their syntactical connections, unexpected meanings can be revealed.

Due to the design of the column, the text inscribed on it is not easily read in the normal linear left to right manner. Instead, words appear to float in and out of consciousness.’

The installation opened to the public in Summer 2019.

To view a video of the commission click here

To listen to Lijn discuss the commission with Leeds Art Gallery Curator Nigel Walsh click here