Cosmic Fragments IV (Burnt Offering)


49 x 62 x 6.1 cm

Molten glass poured on Vapourshield (stainless steel and mica), set into polyester resin

The series Cosmic Fragments exemplifies Lijn’s interest in the life of different materials and how they interact.

Cosmic Fragments are traces of a collision between an ancient material, glass, and a new composite material, Vapourshield, made to insulate from and withstand high temperatures. Lijn is interested in how materials behave under extreme conditions and the way in which they seem to mimic more macrocosmic events. 

Cosmic Fragments were produced during Lijn’s residency at Culture Lab in Newcastle, funded by Inspire Northumberland. They were made at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland, while working on an edition of Wave Plates, commissioned by Visual Director, Grainne Sweeney.