Divided Self


28 x 38 x 38 cm

Patinated bronze, cast glass, argon, stainless steel box.

Freud said a dream was like a play of which the dreamer was writer, director, audience, as well as acting all the parts.

Dreams have always been important to Lijn. She remembers and collect them. They form a detailed diary of her inner life.

In this series of work, Lijn is working with the diaphanous images of her dreams without trying to interpret them. She wants to allow as many associations as possible to emanate from them.

Divided Self invites one to think of oneself as partly transparent, open, knowable and partly opaque and unfathomable. One thinks of the Self as whole whereas the individual psyche can fragment into innumerable figures, a cast of thousands.

Photo credit Stephen Weiss courtesy of Liliane Lijn