Fire My Soul


187 x 62 x 50 cm

Patinated bronze, ruby mica, neon, brass and stainless steel fittings.

Full-size self-portrait.

Fire My Soul is concerned with human suffering. The experience of a masectomy, the fear of death, and the mutilation of the female body. In this sculpture Lijn salutes all women who have been struck by breast cancer. It is a memorial to their suffering and to their strength.

These works are not figurative representations. They are a method to construct a dialogue with the Self.

Here the bronze body seems heavy and solid. The patina is leatherlike. Skin worn like the ancient Aztec sacrifices of the Corn Goddess and inside fire or pain.

This work explores the asymmetry of being a woman in a male dominated culture and the experience of mastectomy, the mutilation of the female body. The one sided female body and the one sided male world.

Photographs by Stephen Weiss