Koan Table


71 x 150 cm

3 glazed ceramic cones made by Rometti, Italy and sand-blasted low-iron glass top.

In the Koan Table, the idea of concentric circles, like ripples on water from the entrance of a stone, descends from the acid etched patterns in the glass top through to the striped cones that support it.

“On seeing an exhibition of Diego Giacometti’s furniture early in the 1980’s, I wondered why I had never made any. This inspired me to design and make a number of functional works. I have never felt that art and function need to be kept apart. On the contrary, considering function can often inform and allow an initial aesthetic or conceptual work to develop in different directions. Specialisation is a recent phenomena. Renaissance artists, like Leonardo da Vinci not only painted but designed armaments, castles and fortresses.” Liliane Lijn