September 15 – November 14 2020
Liliane Lijn’s solo exhibition I AM SHE at Ordet, Milan, is her most comprehensive presentation of her work outside the UK, presenting a selection of works from 1969 to the present day.

Lijn’s art is the direct visual, sensory, plastic outcome of her explorations and mining of inner and outer bodily phenomena, things huge and microscopic, inside and around us, difficult to nail down. What she wants is to get into and bring out such invisible forces; as much as her quest is solitary and personal, the works are not projections of the artist—or of anyone’s self.

“I don’t feel that I am necessarily an artisan but perhaps more an inventor. I think I can compare it to the difference between a research scientist and a technician. I am not terribly interested in making the object, but I have to, in order to see my invention.”

In order to “see” her inventions, Lijn has experimented widely and wildly across mediums and materials, notably, incorporating machinery, light, and language in her work. Her North London studio is a place for speculation but also a site for testing, a research centre, a lab.

– Excerpt from Ordet’s press release

Via Adige 17
20135 Milan

Open Wednesday to Saturday, 12pm to 7pm

More details about the exhibition here.