Lunar Cuff

2009 – 2012

Silver sulphur – Edition of 8

Silver matt – Edition of 8

In the Old Hebrew testament, ‘glebe’ was the primal earth, from which the first humans were formed.

Lijn intends her jewellery to be worn, as if one were moulding a clod of ‘glebe’ to a part of one’s body. She wants people to wear the earth.

Wearing a part of our planet is what we do, when adorning ourselves with precious stones and polished metals – gold, silver, rubies, diamonds – or, more simply, clay and glass beads. However, our body art has become so refined over centuries that it is hard to remember where these precious accoutrements originated.

Deep in the earth’s core, a liquid magma keeps our planet alive and spinning. It is this magma that outflows during volcanic eruptions, bringing both death and renewal to the earth’s surface and upon those who live on it. Lijn would like the ornaments she makes to be reminders of the essence of our planet’s life. Volcanic magma, clods of earth, meteorites, lunar rocks, her sculptures to wear are essentially reminders of our origin.