Spinning Dolls, 2016

Il Museo della Canapa in Sant’Anatolia di Narco in Italy has commissioned the permanent installation Spinning Dolls.

Spinning Dolls consists of five conical forms of various sizes, made of layers of cloth that much like women’s skirts are spinning, rising and falling in thrall to gravity and centrifugal force. The work’s title Spinning Dolls is a nod to the forms it comprises of,  in turn a many layered metaphor of the feminine archetype. Conical, skirt-like, dancing dizzily, they evoke the multiple meanings of creation, from the making of cloth through spinning and weaving to the Moirae, or Fates, the three mythological Greek goddesses who spin out the human destiny, to the cosmic spinning of planets and particles.

The installation opened to the public in Summer 2016.

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