Stone Koans


Set of 5 cones:

Travertine Navona

50 x 16 x 1.8 cm

30 x 10 x 1.5 cm

Travertine Rosso

22 x 11 x 1.5 cm

Nero Marquina

40 x 12 x 1.8 cm

Verde Guatamala

36 x 12 x 1.9 cm

The cone is a cosmic astronomical form. In Stone Koans Lijn concentrates on the geometry, and the relationship between the different qualities of stone. Minerals have always had planetary associations.

Image 3: Stone Koans on exhibition at Shirley Day Gallery, 2000. Image also shows Black Koan print edition commissioned by Warwick University, now in collection at Kent Print Collection on display within the Jarman, School of Arts, University of Kent (2014)