Unlimited: Art for Everyone in the 1960s


The first ever retrospective exhibition devoted to Jeremy Fry’s ground-breaking Unlimited.

In 1966, Bath based inventor and entrepreneur Jeremy Fry established Unlimited as an antidote to the exclusivity of the art world by producing unlimited editions of work by some of the leading international artists of the day, including Takis, Liliane Lijn, Mary Martin, Kenneth Martin, Lygia Clark, Michael McKinnon, Susan Tebby and Mo McDermott. This bold initiative meant these artworks were accessible and affordable to the wider public and, although short-lived, the project was a huge success. For the first time in over fifty years, the works will be reunited and displayed in Bath’s magnificent Assembly Rooms.

This exhibition has been curated by Jeremy’s sons, Cosmo and Francis Fry, with the Holburne Museum.