Cosmic Flares III


117 x 122.5 x 12.5 cm

Polymer lenses on Perspex in painted metal frame, lights and detachable programmed digital switching controller.

The Roberts Institute of Art Collection.

“In 1965 I began to fabricate framed wall sculptures using thin acrylic sheets as surfaces and incorporating within the frame numerous small spotlights that were programmed to turn on and off sequentially to change the angle of incident light illuminating the surface.

The importance of this change in my work was that it opened the way for me to work with fabricated Perspex discs instead of using solid blocks of Perspex. I realised then that I could fabricate a disc or drum using Perspex and seal water in it, and this led to my making the Condensation Disc in the summer, and then Liquid Reflections in the autumn of 1966.”

More information about the work and Liliane Lijn’s interview click here.