Cosmic Sea I


40 x 40 x 5cm

Molten glass poured on Vapourshield (stainless steel and mica), and set into epoxy resin

” I am interested in the behaviour of different materials and how they interact with each other. Cosmic Fragments are traces of a collision between an ancient material, glass, and a new composite material, Vapourshield, designed to prevent metal vapour from passing through the walls of the crucible in induction furnaces. Although less than a millimetre thin sandwich of mica and stainless steel, it will withstand extremely high temperatures. Glass or metal furnaces are fascinating because they resemble the earth’s core. Under extreme conditions, materials seem to mimic macrocosmic events. From a series of works made in 2019, Cosmic Sea has taken on more biological forms, as if the mineral world of the early, still hot planet was now morphing into life.” – Liliane Lijn