Earth Body Art, Museo Civico di Santa Croce, Umbertide, Italy.

13th July – 3rd November 2013.

A collection of jewellery; necklaces, cuffs, rings and belt buckles in pure electroformed silver designed and made by the artist in Italy.

I would like the ornaments I make to be reminders of the essence of our planet’s life. Volcanic magma, clods of earth, meteorites, lunar rocks, my sculptures to wear are essentially reminders of our origin.

Up until then, I had mostly worked with new industrial materials and techniques but with wax, I returned to a more traditional medium, used in sculpture for millennia. During this period, I happened, one day to playfully mould a handful of still very hot wax around my wrist. Somehow, the type of wax and the exact temperature at which I began to shape it resulted in something that looked very much like a clod of earth.

I thought it would be interesting to make a piece of jewellery that would have such a raw look. – Liliane Lijn

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Museo Civico di Santa Croce

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