Fire Water: Sacred Way, 2006-2011

Immersive two-channel looped video installation

Camera: Liliane Lijn

Edited with Richard Wilding

Thanks to Halyvourgiki SA and Hellenic Petroleum

Filmed on the ancient Iera Odos (Sacred Way), a road leading from the Parthenon in Athens to the temple site of Eleusis. Even in Roman times, Eleusis was one of the most important cult sites of the ancient world. The place where mythic Persephone entered the Underworld and where annually, devotees, and, in particular, women, attended the secret Eleusian Mysteries. Today, Iera Odos is a busy, polluted road crowded with industrial traffic. How does the sacred transform into the industrial? What archetypes might yet be hidden in the bowels of steel mills or the endless intestines of oil refineries?