Inner Space Outer Space, 2005-10

Liliane Lijn with Richard Wilding
Music by Steve Hendricks, Rolf Gehlhaar and David Laurence
35 minutes

In Inner Space Outer Space Lijn relates the research of twelve different scientists to her own work as an artist.

‘There are connections you can make that might matter.’ says Dr. Janet Luhmann.

In Inner Space Outer Space, artist Liliane Lijn speaks with 12 scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and at the Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, where she was Artist in Residence in 2005 as part of an ACE, NASA, Leonardo Network International Fellowship.

‘If we understand how energy flows, how energy is transferred from one form to another’ says Dr. Andreas Keiling, ‘then we can say that we have understood the phenomena’.

Each scientist looks at the movement and transformation of energy in areas as diverse as waveforms in music and maths, solar flares, the building of a spacecraft, the aurora borealis, the mixing of stellar and laser light and the crustal magnetic fields of Mars. Similarly, Lijn’s multi-facetted practice views the world as flux and energy and this video interweaves her work, in a counterpoint to the scientists’ observations, to create a visual/verbal dialogue between science and art.