540 cm x 240 cm

Hand knotted Anatolian wool and mohair, hand dyed with organic colours.
Produced from a design by Liliane Lijn in India by Christopher Farr.

Memory was commissioned by private collectors for their newly built house in the Swiss Alps. Lijn has designed a number of functional artefacts, following in the Bauhaus tradition of creating a total work of art and merging art and function.

‘Since 1993, technology had changed and, therefore, instead of using a Xerox machine to copy the original Letraset words and literally cut or tear them, I designed the whole carpet in Photoshop. This radical change in my method of working was at first constricting. I found working on the computer less spontaneous but I then developed a way of scanning, printing and altering drafts that was in some ways similar to my earlier technique and allowed me even more freedom.’ Lijn