1992- 2019

Real-time computer simulation

Edition of 25 + 1 AP

In a work that demonstrates the interlocking of opposites, Lijn writes the single word SHE across the moon in letters large enough to be seen from earth.

Interweaving science, myth, art and language, Liliane Lijn proposes to use the moon as a living canvas. The idea is to project a word of poetic and mythic significance onto its surface. The meaning of this word will be gradually altered over the 29.5 days lunation period by the related motions of moon, earth and sun. Using an astronomical program, moonmeme tracks the real moon’s phase. The lunar image is updated every 26 hours and 13 minutes and augmented with a layer of monosyllabic poetry. Over the course of the lunar monthly cycle, the movements of moon, earth and sun reveal that HE is contained within SHE and SHE emerges from HE.

moonmeme is an homage to the feminine principal of transformation and renewal, which for millennia was held sacred in the form of the full moon and its recurring monthly cycle. Since prehistoric times, people have kept track of the phases of the moon, using them as a pattern for the rhythms of agricultural life. Stories and myths were generated by lunar transformations and passed down from generation to generation. Water denotes life. It is approximately 70% of our body and covers 75% of our planet. The moon influences the earth’s tides and female menstrual cycles. Consequently, in most cultures, the moon was considered feminine.

moonmeme was shown as an immersive installation in ArtCatalyst’s 2014 exhibition, Republic of the Moon and has also been created for monitor in an edition of 25.