Science, Technology and the Sublime

New Scientist Live presents Liliane Lijn and Leila Johnston in conversation with art historian Martin Kemp

ExCel London, Technology Stage

Saturday 24th September, 15.30pm

We have an ambivalent relationship with technology. It can reveal to us the beauties of nature, yet rob us of the ability to fend for ourselves. It makes life more convenient, but can it also enrich our lives in other ways?
Making sense of our association with technology is the territory of artists Liliane Lijn and Leila Johnston. Join them as they discuss the bond between maker and things made, chaired by University of Oxford art historian Martin Kemp.
For four days this September, New Scientist Live will be like nowhere else on Earth. The inaugural New Scientist Live event, courtesy of the team behind the world’s most popular science weekly, is a four-day festival of ideas and discovery taking place at ExCeL London. With British astronaut Tim Peake set to open the show, don’t miss a great day out for your family.

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