Small Spring Ritual


35 x 10 cm.

Optical glass prisms and lenses, perspex.

Made in 1970 and sold to Kodak UK in 1979  who gave it as an award to the British Association of Industrial Editors, London. 

“‘The movement of heaven is full of power; thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring’ – I Ching

Some Works by Liliane Lijn fall into this category. Her glass prisms pieces offer no method of entry, no movement or vibration. Instead they are indisputably ‘other’, complete entities in which one can enter only by leaving oneself behind. The key for access to these works is the use of light, not this time vibrating and ‘live’ but the method by which the solid forms are dissolved. The prisms contain light without being light, yet without them the light would not be visible.” (From Functionalism of Art, by Alastair Mackintosh, Art and artists 1973)