The Sky as Studio: Yves Klein and His Contemporaries

Centre Pompidou Metz

July 18 2020 – February 1 2021

Liliane Lijn’s Liquid Reflections is exhibited at the Centre Pompidou Metz for their exhibition dedicated to Yves Klein’s idea of the sky as workshop or studio, revealing  the aesthetic affinities he developed, outside the New Realists’ movement, with a constellation of artists, from the Gutai group in Japan to the spatial artists in Italy, from the ZERO artist group in Germany to the Nul group in the Netherlands.

The new visual arts strategies developed aim to go beyond the materiality of the work of art, seen as an obstacle to freedom, and venture into the experience of monochromy, emptiness and light, in gestures where the work is, like Lucio Fontana’s lacerated or perforated canvases, open to infinity.

More details about the exhibition here.

Centre Pompidou-Metz
1, parvis des Droits-de-l’Homme
CS 90490
F-57020 Metz Cedex 1

If you are interested in Yves Klein, perhaps you’d like to listen to the BBC 3 Sunday Feature Liliane Lijn did on the artist in 2018.The episode was produced by Kate Bland from Cast Iron Radio.