1974-1975 / 1990

A group of six separate sculptures 167 cm high, base size 23 x 23 x 15 cm.

Five pieces composed of 3 aluminium tubes 152 cm high x 4 cm diameter wound with 0.012” nickel wire, in two different spatial arrangements on base / turntable; one 3 column piece of same dimensions is wound with 0.018” copper wire.

There is a critical moment in the making of a work at which one is aware of its own intrinsic life. It is as if the work itself has reached a certain level of energy, or a frequency at which it begins to resonate. It is at this point that an object ceases to be an object, becoming a system of flow, a dynamic pattern, an event.

Threes, is a group of six similar sculptures which can be arranged to occupy a space in changing configurations. The different juxtapositions influence the way the movement of each cylinder is perceived in relation to the others.

In the 1990’s Lijn stripped all the cylinders of their nickel wire and rewound them with black enamelled copper wire.

Photographs by Richard Wilding, 2015