Online event to accompany Liliane Lijn’s exhibition “I AM SHE” at Ordet, Milan.

November 13, 6:30 pm CET

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Brian Butterworth and Liliane Lijn have known each other for at least twenty years, during which time they have had many discussions about art and science. From his point of view as a neuroscientist with a particular interests in whether the brain, human or otherwise, is inherently mathematical, Lijn’s work has always appeared to have an intuitive grasp of numbers and their relationships. Their discussion will revolve around Lijn’s curiosity and interest in science, her work with language and the many aspects of seeing that depend on point of view, literally, or focus, also literally. Beginning in the 1970’s and developing through the 1980’s, Lijn’s work became more clearly focussed on the feminine. Brian Butterworth and Liliane Lijn will discuss how this could also relate to her interest in science and technology, seen primarily as male preserves.

Brian Butterworth FBA is emeritus professor of cognitive neuropsychology in the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London. His research has ranged from speech errors and pauses short-term memory deficits dyslexia reading both in alphabetic scripts and Chinese and mathematics and dyscalculia. He is the author of The Mathematical Brain. He was Editor-in-Chief of Linguistics (1978–1983) and a founding editor of the journals Language and Cognitive Processes and Mathematical Cognition. He is a Fellow of the British Academy.

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