1977 – 1978

Counterpoint in 15 Parts

327 x 86 x 40 cm

15 aluminium tubes wound with .006″ copper wire, rotating at 3rpm, supporting structure steel and reject ‘waveguide’ parts.

The light line is an irrational code, a way the surface has of speaking. It indicates precisely all the changes made to the surface of the cylinders in what appears as a four dimensional space-time metaphor.

“Relativity theory has shown that space is not three-dimensional and time is not a separate entity. Both are intimately connected and form a four-dimensional continuum which is called “space-time.”   Fritjof Capra

The title for Waveguide came from the experimental wave-guide system developed in the 1970’s to replace copper cables used for telecommunications by scientists and engineers in the Post Office and BICC Research and Engineering Division.

Lijn discovered that BICC had a wire winding machine and persuaded them to let her use it. Their experimental wave-guide machine allowed Lijn to make her very fine wire-wound sculptures.