16 soft pastel works on paper, framed in perspex

53 x 42.5 cm each

Private Collection.

Liliane Lijn made

This series was initially called Starskins, and exhibited in 1979 at the Wolverhampton City Art Gallery as a group of 21 drawings, which could be hung in any relationship with each other. They’re non-gravitational, in the sense that they can be hung in any direction. 

The series followed Lunar Traces, works on paper Lijn made using only earth colours (black, white, umber and Sienna). For Windows, Lijn layered brightly coloured pastels, rubbing some of the intensity out with white. At the time, she was interested in the surface of the sun and its constant ebullience. The soft pastel works charm the eye, like gazing at a distant galaxy or hazy dream.