Zero Gravity Koan


250 x 150 cm base diameter

Glass reinforced polyester, Perspex, motorised drive and fluorescent lights

In Zero-Gravity Koan, in which Lijn returns to works made in the late 1960’s, Lijn uses glass-reinforced polyester to mould a truncated cone, which is then sawn into elliptical sections, into which fluorescent Perspex planes are laminated. The cone, rejoined and whole again, is lit from within and rotates at a constant speed causing the lines, resulting from the inserted elliptical planes, to oscillate, their motion describing the complex conical form.

In Lijn’s work with cones, she uses elliptical planes to divide the cone, analysing the complexity of the conical form. She is interested in the relationship between the luminous lines, which appear to change the space between them.

Koans are about relating the parts to the whole.