19.02.22 – 02.04.22
12a Bourdon Street
London W1K 3PG UK


is where we pause – like at a stop.

A transitory moment like in a dream;

when we open the fridge in the middle of the night and can’t recall if it actually happened the next day, what we saw, or consumed.

*is an echo from the Mediterranean port. Here all motion has temporarily ceased.

Actions implied have all been frozen and one is encountered with a spectrum of works, fleshy and undeviating.

Displaying works that represent bodies is (also) a very old rite.

A self-reflecting act, when these works do not scream and when their meaning is not apparent.

Two hands reaching out, transforming from tree trunk to her.

Layers on top of layers of skin. Some bodies are there in the flesh, made of paper, bronze, glass and polymer. An eternal smile.

A container that fulfils the frame, juxtaposed with a formal dichotomy.

Pieces of furniture waiting to be occupied, doors to be opened, lamps to be lit.

When objects get animated and their spirits take over, define the way a space will be felt, used and performed.

A pair of cranes.

As nature awaits to take over and define our emotions, change the light and fill the air with warm, we wait; which is unquestionably an action.