Sunstar at AxS Festival

2 – 11 November 2018

“Sunstar is an art/science work by Liliane Lijn, artist, and John Vallerga, astrophysicist at UC Berkeley Space Science Lab. Sunstar is a large-scale and far reaching daytime installation sited on the historic 150’ Solar Tower on Mount Wilson. Using engineered glass prisms and specially designed code, a spray of diffracted sunlight is projected to specific locations, making the solar spectrum visible just at the meeting point of earth and sky in the form of a sparkling star. Sunstar also aligns conceptually with the particular history of the Mount Wilson Observatory, since, its founder, George Ellery Hale was a solar astronomer and the spectrum is the foundation of astrophysics. On the ground in Pasadena, the projected spectrum spans about 250 yards. There will be a timetable that directs the beam to the Pasadena locations of all the other festival participants at scheduled times.”

More details here.