Metabolic Rift: Berlin Atonal 

25.09 – 30.10.2021
Tuesday, Wednesdays and Friday to Sunday.

Kraftwerk Berlin
Köpenicker Str. 70
Berlin, Germany.

Under the title Metabolic Rift, Berlin Atonal’s 2022 iteration takes the unusual direction of splitting into a (un)guided exhibition tour through the entire Kraftwerk space and a specially curated concert series that punctuates the exhibition during its month-long existence. Liliane Lijn will show six drawings made in the early seventies from the series Breathing Tower and Whirling Wind Cone.  Breathing Tower consists of four drawings in which Liliane Lijn sketches a kinetic sculpture designed for the Hayward Gallery that uses tidal levels to change its forms. In a pioneering set of the two Whirling Wind Cone drawings, Lijn envisions a wind tower producing energy and music for a small town.

These drawings will be shown in the vast space of the former power station, now transformed into Kraftwerk Berlin.

More information about the exhibition is here.